Document solutions

Document solutions

Do you spend time manually rewriting data from incoming invoices or delivery notes and you still have to approve documents in the old-fashioned way of hand to hand, when paper goes around the office and sometimes gets lost or you don’t know where it is?
If you want to simplify these processes and have firm control over the flow of documents in your company, we have modern tools and services for you that will save you time and reduce your operating costs thanks to automation and digitization.

Digitization center

We operate a modern digitization center, where we professionally digitize documents, extract and validate data, which allows us to fully outsource the processing of your company documents.
Thanks to manual validation, we can guarantee you 99.5% accuracy of the data extracted, which we send to your information system or document management system (DMS).
Our workplace meets the strict standards of the information security management system dictated by the ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

Paperless office

Digital documents with a machine-readable data layer are an inevitable step towards a modern and efficient office. Our own specialized document digitization and extraction center is ready to process your printed and digital documents in full. We will remove any fastening material from the printed documents, sort them logically, scan them, and then, together with the digital ones, extract the indexes you require. We then validate the extracted data in our high-capacity validation center.

Incoming documents

  • Receipt and processing of paper and digital documents
  • Digitization of paper documents
  • Extraction of requested data from documents
  • Manual validation of extracted data
  • Export of extracted data to the ERP / DMS system
  • Storage of paper documents for long-term archiving
  • Storing digital documents in a digital archive


Processing outgoing mail

  • Receipt of documents in digital form
  • Bulk mail / business correspondence / billing
  • Printing and enveloping
  • Sending outgoing mail
  • Registering and reporting

Digital archive

  • Accepting the physical archive
  • Preparation of documents for digitization
  • Digitization of paper documents
  • Exporting digitized documents to a digital archive
  • Storage of paper documents in the archives for long-term archiving

Additional services of document solutions

  • Analyses and consultations for document solutions
  • Operating registries and reprographic workplaces
  • Archiving and shredding

Paperless document management system (DMS)

Implementing a document management system (DMS) gives you an effective tool for controlling the flow of documents in your company. You won’t have to deal with the problems of “looping” or even losing a document in the approval process.

For each document in the approval process, you get an instant overview of its status; where it’s held up, whether it has been approved or not.

For example, in the case of invoices, the DMS can automatically extract data from the invoice instead of the need to manually rewrite it, and in the next part of the approval process allocate costs to centers, match delivery notes or use other forms of automation. At the very end, the accounting data gets imported into your information system.

  • Implementation of software for your document management system (DMS)
  • Cloud or on-premise solution
  • Full DMS integration into our digitization center
  • Digital approval and management of documents in the company
  • Digital document archive