Document solutions

Document digitization and data mining

Electronic and machine-readable documents are the current trend – they allow you to make fast searches, share information and they increase the efficiency of work. Our own specialized centre for digitization and document mining is ready to process your printed documents to their full extent – scanning, indexing, mining and validation.

When crossing over to controlled document digitization, you will get immediate control and a register on entry, a significant acceleration of correspondence circulation and handling thanks to the introduction of records management or DMS workflow into the system. Within one process, you can also automatically mine important data (customer, accounting, logistic information…) and integrate it into your company systems at the same time. As a result, the process won’t be as laborious, you will save resources bound to manual data filing and significantly reduce the error rate. Our services will make sure that your work is faster and easier.

We can prepare and provide the process of digitization and mining both in your local filing office and in our centre for document digitization and data mining, or in both combined.

Document archiving

Are you unable to find what you need among your documents? We will create a new archiving system for you. Your employees will gain access to the necessary documents regardless of where they are saved or what types of documents they are. The rules for accessing documents will naturally abide by your requirements.

Paper archive / Registry

We will take care of the long-term storage of documents according to a set of archiving/shredding rules. This can be provided directly on the spot, if you prefer us to take over the operation of your current internal registry, but the more common practice is to transport the documents to an external commercial registry, which often solves the problem resulting from inadequate premises.

Digital archive / Archive digitization

In this area, we provide both the software for running a registry – storing documents in a registry, retention codes, links to binders (i.e. electronic records about paper documents), as well as your own digital archive – storage of digital pictures of documents or a link to the printed originals.


The software also deals with the process of shredding physical and electronic documents, which is bound to the management of archiving and shredding limits in accordance with the legislation in effect.

Document management system and Enterprise content management (DMS / ECM)

Every organization deals with a large number of documents – be it in paper or electronic form. Documents are created, reproduced, distributed, saved and changed. In many processes, there is a need to comment on and approve the documents, make versions, then archive them and in case of need, find the requested document as fast as possible, find a person who is currently in hold of it, or find out the status of its processing. If you want your company to be on top of the movement and condition of a document, the Document management system (DMS) is a suitable solution for you. DMS offers the possibility of an effective connection with your information systems and a link can also be established to our services of document digitization and document archiving.

With our DMS service, we will work out an analysis for you and suggest new solutions for electronic work with documents, provide an implementation of the DMS system as a comprehensive solution or we will install DMS (including operation and support) in the form of a cloud service.

Central production and reproduction of documents

Central reprographics is suitable for printing tasks that cannot be performed by your usual office printing equipment and require special technology or printing media, or when it is necessary to print out a large amount of documents in a short period of time (instructions, user manuals, technical documentation, textbooks, almanacs, annual reports, presentations, offers, flyers, catalogues or architectonic or project studies), or when the documentation needs to be finished in various manners (completion, binding, cropping, cut-outs, folding, etc.). In these cases, you can make use of our central reprographics service, which we can provide directly in your company or in our printing centre, though we tend to combine both options.

Outsourcing of document activities

Outsourcing means that we take over the management of one of the areas related to document processing. We are able to create management of filing rooms, records managements (registries), digitization, archiving and central reproduction. We are also prepared to take over and run your current workplace, including your employees and equipment. Outsourcing of document activities can be solved both within your company, which includes our on-site staff, or in our specialized centres for digitization and archiving, or we may also use a combination of both options.

Outsourcing will help you save a lot of time and means which you can then devote to your main field. Everything that is connected to the operation of printing devices is our concern.

Direct correspondence and general distribution

Each organization needs to communicate with their surroundings, either through direct correspondence or general distribution. However, if the database of those you need to communicate with is too large or too frequently in use, the option of using our centre is definitely more advantageous than investing in your own resources. The other possibility is a suitable on-site solution with fixed settings.

Direct correspondence

This service is suitable for mass distribution of large volumes of business mail to your clients. This may be regular billing, business offers, announcements, etc. We will process the data you deliver to us in our specialized centre and prepare personalized printing sets, print everything out, put it into envelopes, secure one of the lowest postage rates on the market and send it to specific addressees.

General distribution

This service is suitable for sending large amounts of general business messages (for example flyers), which we distribute directly into the residents’ mailboxes according to selected regions (zip codes, city districts, streets, etc.). We will print out the documents you deliver to us in our reprographic centre and we will take care of the distribution in the requested area. Thanks to a wide team of distributors, we cover all areas of the Czech Republic.