Printing solutions

Tailor-made printing solutions

Our products and services cover everything that you may need in the area of printing. They will ensure a regular service and bring you a clear reduction of expenses. We offer everything from small to large printing devices, including multifunctional A3 and wide-format. We mostly supply printing devices in the form of a service, that is, by paying for the printing and with a full service.

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a comprehensive program that will make your printing more efficient and reduce its costs. Based on an analysis, we will provide products and services that will suit you perfectly. These will bring your company clearly measurable advantages and savings.

Outsourcing the printing environment

We will fully take your printing under our management and provide on-site staff, with a minimum of 5 to7 people. We react to your request within a few minutes and can provide a fixed time to resolve your request within the shortest and unrivalled time period. But most importantly, we can assess the exact amount to be paid based on the fulfilment of the monthly SLA (Service Level Agreement) better than anyone else. In terms of outsourcing, we will provide new printing equipment in the form of financing, supplies and replacements of consumables and service of all printing equipment. Everything will be taken care of by our on-site staff at your company. The operation of printing devices is simply our concern. You can focus on your own work without any worries.

Analyses and consultations of printing environments

An analysis will provide precise information and an overview of the condition and expense-to-revenue ratio of your printing environment. You will obtain data that is important for the optimization of your current environment or a proposal for a new one. We conduct the analysis both physically and with the help of automated software.

We have offered consultations of printing environments every day for many years. Our consultants will help you choose suitable printing devices or suggest an entire printing environment that would be tailor-made for you. An optimal quality/performance/price ratio is a natural thing.

Proposals for and optimization of printing environments

We will prepare a new printing environment for you or suggest optimization of your current one. Based on an entry analysis, we will suggest a solution that meets your actual needs. We always place emphasis on the reduction of overall costs for the operation of your printing environment, or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We have dealt with proposals for and optimizations of printing environments for over 15 years, so we know very well where and how to find savings to make you satisfied.

Security and monitoring

Security is becoming an increasingly important topic in information technologies. The same has been true for printing environments over the past few years. Thanks to products from companies like MyQ, OptimiDoc, YSoft or the producers of printing equipment themselves, we can suggest and implement a security and monitoring system. Thanks to this, you will be sure that the printed material will always end up in the right hands. This will also solve the automatic replacement of printing devices during a malfunction. You will also appreciate our detailed monitoring and automatic reporting on the condition of your printing environment.

Service centre

We provide service for HP, Kyocera, Samsung, Xerox and all other brands of printing equipment, both in our service centre and in the place of installation, all across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to a large team of our own service technicians, dispatching and a well designed system for the monitoring of service contracts, we can prepare tailor-made service conditions and serve as the only point of contact for both warranty and post-warranty repairs of printing devices.

Do you need a service call? 
Contact us by email: or by phone at +420 732 845 975. 

Production and sale of cartridges

We have been producing and selling compatible cartridges for printing devices for over 17 years, and with a total yearly production of over 350 000 cartridges we are one of the largest producers in the Czech Republic. Our own production process follows ISO standards and is subject to strict output control. Therefore, we have full control over the long-term quality of cartridges.

What is a compatible cartridge and how is it produced?

A compatible cartridge is a toner or ink cartridge produced by us. It is made up of the used plastic body of the original cartridge which has new parts mounted to it. We obtain the cartridges for production by buying them from large suppliers or individual consumers – find our list and price list for purchased cartridges here. We carefully examine and clean the purchased cartridges and mount entirely new parts from reputable suppliers onto them. The produced cartridge is tested, secured with a seal and a chip, and placed in an air cushion and a box.

This method ensures the highest quality, which allows us to offer you a 36-month guarantee for the toner cartridges and a lifetime guarantee for the mechanical parts. Toner cartridges are produced according to the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and ISO/IEC 19572 and ISO/IEC 19798 standards, which are the standards for cartridge utilization rates (guarantee of the same capacity as the original consumable).

What is cartridge refurbishment and how is it done?

Cartridge refurbishment considerably saves your money and the environment. The customer delivers empty cartridges to us (in the case of a larger amount, we may also collect them), or we use cartridges that we have in stock.

Cartridge refurbishment itself begins with dismantling and cleaning – a skilled technician will assess which components need to be replaced and which can be used repeatedly. After the refurbishment, the cartridge is submitted for independent testing. Then it is handed over to the shipping department to be pasted on, wrapped and shipped.

We guarantee the same cartridge utilization rate (number of printed pages) as with the original cartridges for every cartridge. We test the cartridge utilization rate according to principles and the ISO/IEC 19752 standard. Part of the cartridge warranty is us taking over all the valid warranty conditions for the printers and copy machines of our business partners, including the provision of warranty and post-warranty service for these devices.

We buy cartridges

We only buy original undamaged cartridges that were only emptied once!

We buy empty cartridges

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